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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lesvos, Greece Adventure

Here I am in sunny Greece on the beautiful island of Lesvos. The scenery is very inspiring and the people are so friendly. Each day we are transported back in time to various ancient villages to explore and paint. I do love to combine history with art and it's a bonus to be making this journey with a bunch of like minded artsy people...and they're lots of fun too!

Ancient window with a view

Around every corner there are stone walls and stairs just begging to be explored. To see these old buildings and know many have been here for centuries is a wonder to behold....and they're still being used today! I love how they take pride preserving their culture and celebrate their history. 

First sunset ~ Lesvos, Greece

It's truly a gift to be here to experience this great adventure. I'm enjoying every single second I've been given and enjoy making the most of my time here. It's the only way to go through this life!!!


  1. Absolutely stunning photos, Connie! :-) I love Greece too so I'm smiling hugely picturing you exploring and adventuring in that beautiful place. :-)

  2. Thank you!! I'm having an incredible time!!

  3. Hello! Last year I visited Lesvos island and was just wondering - the first picture: which village is it? :)


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