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Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Glacial Light"

"Glacial Light - Bugaboos" 
-work in progress-
acrylic on canvas
24" x 36"

Here is my latest attempt at capturing the magical spirit of the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia. I can't stop dreaming about this amazing place and have been forever changed by its beauty, 
its life force.

Painting up there on the mountaintop has awakened something deep within and I feel like I must keep exploring this place in paint until I have nothing left to say. Somehow I don't think that day will ever come and that's a good thing! 

Thank you Robert Genn for showing me the Bugaboos. If not for you I would never have experienced the wonder of these mountains!  I've learned so much from you through our time there and also from your Twice Weekly Newsletters on The Painter's Keys website.

Now back to the easel I go...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Childhood Dreamer ~ Poem

Every once in a while I have words floating in my head and I must write them down. The following poem is the result of a childhood memory. I've also included some of my favourite photos of frosty crystal magic. Dream on....

Childhood Dreamer

Snowflakes fall in gentle rhythm
whirling twirling their way
across this frozen landscape 
like the children they do play

They float and glide their way to earth
in games of dance it seems
how I would like to be a part
of this magical crystal dream

When I was young so long ago
I'd dream of days like this
to take me far into the night
on tales of wondered bliss

Adventures I would have out there
in crystal flight of free
pretend to live among the stars
as I hovered o'er the sea

And then I grew and realized
some things cannot be true
there is a time for wandering 
but growing up now too

So for a time I did forget
and lived with grounded feet
I did what was expected
no more the child I used to be

And now my children's children see
these crystals in the air
I hear them talk of fabled lands
of magical places fair

I had forgotten but now I see
what was lost has now been found
I tell them it is good to dream
and to listen for the sound

What sound is that they ask eyes wide
I tell them quietly
keep dreaming dreams of far off lands
they will keep you company

There is a world outside it's true
but there is also one inside 
it's here you'll find what you will need
to be happy, free, alive

A place of wonder waits for you
where life's mysteries are found
visit often here inside your  heart
 where adventures do abound

So keep on dreaming dreams so fair
of crystal lands and snowflake stars
come here often, feel the calm
and all your dreams will bring you far

I invite you now to follow me 
look inward, you will see
all the childhood wonders wait for you
dreaming day and night, just be

And when the times are done for me
I'll smile as I take flight
discovering new lands so fair
on a crystal shining light

I wish you and all you love a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year too! 

Thank you for being a part of my Artistic Journey.

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