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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Painting Retreat 2012

"Elba Reflections - Italy"
Water Colour 22" X 30"

I am now at a painting retreat with many artist friends in northern Wisconsin. This is not a workshop, but is a time to work on our own ideas, to stretch our art and minds. It is a week of growth.  A lot of paint has been thrown around...and I mean thrown!! More importantly, we have shared stories of our life and families, with much laughter too. I highly recommend you get together with others to share your ideas. You'll be amazed the things you'll learn. I have included a couple of paintings I've worked on this week. They are from locations in Italy. Although the snow is falling outside, I can feel the warm Italian sun upon my face as I paint and remember the wonderful time I had exploring the beautiful Italian countryside.
Enjoy ~

"Bell Tower - Italy"
Water Colour 22" X 30"

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