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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ Cloud Dreams 1 & 2 - Poem

"Cloud Dreams 1 & 2"
24"x 48"

I’ve always loved to watch the clouds  
Dance across the sky
Changing constantly they’d go
A bird a wolf a butterfly

The earth is warm beneath me
As I marvel at this sight
Mine eyes and heart are lifted up
  I'm filled with their inner light

No mortal means propel them
As they shift across the sky
Another of life’s mysteries
My spirit soars, I fly

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Lady of the Lake" and Island Dreamer" - Poem

"Lady of the Lake"
24" x 36"

There’s a story gone round and round
Of a girl who lost her way
Tales drift on like ripples in a pond
Is it true? It’s hard to say

Like some sad romantic love song
Of how she came to be
A legend here on Rainy Lake
She's a wonder for all to see

Casting glances to shores afar
As she lays upon her stone
Boaters slow to see her close
A wonder to behold

All I know is she’s here today
And will be for a while
I’ll take my children’s children there
For I know she’ll bring a smile

If she could tell her story
Of how she came to be
I think she’d smile and simply say
I’m here for all to see

"Island Dreamer"
36" x36"

Friday, November 25, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ Last Light - Causeway Island

"Last Light - Causeway Island"
18" x 24"

I’ve always been amazed by this magical time of day
When the evening comes to an end and the night sky closes in
Every sunset an original
A fingerprint that marks the mystery and celebration for a day well lived
Last Light gives promise of a new day when rest is done

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Swimming Rock Reflections"

"Swimming Rock Reflections"
18" x24"

I remember sitting under these pines on a hot summer’s day
Resting after a long cool swim in the clear fresh waters of Rainy
Laughing and playing our days away
In the distance is Blueberry Island where we would canoe to on one of our many expeditions
When I see it now I hear our laughter still

Monday, November 21, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Spirits Entwined"

"Spirits Entwined"
18" x 24"

When I was a young girl I would go out canoeing along the shore not far from home. There was a place where the branches would hang out over the water and I could glide under ~ totally magical for me. Another mystery was seeing that many of these trees actually grew out of cracks in the rocks. Their roots like hair weaving through stone seemed such an impossibility. "Spirits Entwined" has been created from a combination of these memories. Here the tree and rocks both smooth and worn are interconnected sharing one spirit as memories do from days long passed. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Autumn's Light"

"Autumn's Light"
36" x 36"

I like the delicacy of the birch tree
The way the old bark and the young exist side by side
And how the old layer pulls away to reveal the new
 They are like people as we learn and grow
 When we are young and fresh
 Our outer layer is smooth, unscarred
 As we grow and age our character shines through the lines on our face
Much like the pealing bark reveal her spirit beneath

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Spirit Tree"

"Spirit Tree"
24" x 30"

I imagine that this old diamond willow was once a marker for the wild rice beds that flourish here
The lake people would sit under her
 Sing songs of the harvest
 And of the creatures that lived in the water amongst the reeds
 Her bark and leaves will have absorbed their voices into her sap as part of her growing
 The sounds and songs that once filled her have fallen with her into silence
 But there is life and sounds in the water and the land around her still
 Perhaps one day the songs will come back
And from one of her seeds there will be a new tree that will once again show the way.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "View From Above"

"View From Above"
30" x 30"

I love looking deep into the water where the stems are revealed and the way the ripples reflect the bright blue sky. It was an interesting challenge to paint this with a view from above.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Three Sisters" - Poem

"Three Sisters"
36" x 36"

There’s a legend of the lake that’s told
A story of sisters three
Who lived with their father long ago
A loving happy family

Surrounded by pines reaching high to the skies
A place to explore and roam
Where waters lap upon rocky shores
Rainy Lake they called their home

He loved his daughters and taught them well
Stay safe my saplings three
Look to the skies – she’ll show the way
And bring you back to me

That fateful morn, out they did go
Paddling this lake they loved so well
When caught in a storm they lost their way
Did fell deep into waters swell

The lake spirit knew them and their love of this land
Then thought of their father too
Gently gathered the saplings in her hands
Now three islands surrounded by blue

It is said when you travel there today
You can feel an aura of love
Three Sisters standing tall and proud
While eagles soar high above

Some see him paddling ‘round here still
Their loving father by their side
Casting flowers along these rocky shores
Where daughter’s spirits three abide

* This painting is now available in giclee print on paper or canvas. Please contact me for details*

 I would like to thank all who came out to the opening of "This Place Where We Live". It was a wonderful evening with many turning out to see what myself and fellow artist Wayne Yerxa have been up to this past year. A big thank you to our families and friends who have supported us in our life's work. We couldn't do this without you! We also received great support from B93 FM,  the Fort Frances Times and the Ontario Arts Council. Thank you!
The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Ontario

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Last Light - Seven Oaks"

"This Place Where We Live" opens today at the Fort Frances Museum where I will be exhibiting my new collection of oils.

"Last Light - Seven Oaks"
36" x 36"

Working exclusively with oils over this past year has been an incredible journey with many challenges and struggles at times but also has been extremely satisfying. Working with oils present a whole new level of textures, richness of colour and glow. After almost 30 years working with watercolour I have found a new love. It has been a most gratifying process. I plan to post all of the images here over the next few weeks for those unable to view my new collection in person. Enjoy!

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