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Monday, July 8, 2013

To Dream ~ Painting

"To Dream" 
acrylic on canvas 24" x 36"

This painting was inspired by the poem that I posted earlier today. This was the first time that I've written and then painted an image to go along with the writing. I really enjoyed the process and know I will be creating more work this way. I found it to be very challenging and rewarding too!
I've been working on this piece now for almost a month and loving every minute!

Now to get on with the next. I love this painting and writing life!!

To Dream ~ Poem

I go searching for peace 
at waters edge
like a moth to a flame
she draws me in

and I listen here

the ocean breeze moves through me

the waves pool around me as
I enter this rhythmic dance
here I am caught, mesmerized

and I wonder here

Within the waves my mind is freed
Sunlight shimmers its dazzling light
Receding tide carries me with her
to far off places of the mind

and I enter here

I raise a handful of this liquid light
it glistens now
through my fingers 
memories trickle down

and I imagine here

I wonder, will this water 
that now falls from my fingertips
make its way to far off shores
where only my mind can travel

My eyes lifted now
to the horizon of thought
this endless ever changing place

Where fantasies and memories flow
where times of past and days to come
keep tempo with the day at hand

and I explore me here

I visit often 
in this quiet place of mind
to contemplate, to meditate
breathe deeply, and to dream

 and I understand me here

When I look deep into the ocean
as I go searching 
for peace
at waters edge

I discover me here

For the past few months I have had this poem floating around in my mind and now that it is written I am working on a painting that reflects the words. Usually I do this in reverse. Paint first, then write so this is new to me and I am enjoying the challenge. The painting is almost complete and I will post it soon.

I love the fact that this creative energy for writing comes from the same place as it does for painting. I am always amazed how there is a never ending pool to draw from.

There is so much to learn about my art, about the world and also about myself. This Artistic Journey of mine is a wonderful adventure!

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