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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spirit of St. Paul's Bay ~ Poem

I have one more swimming adventure to share with you from Lindos, Greece.

I was told to go to Saint Paul's Bay at sunrise, swim out past the rocky cliffs, the entrance to the bay, float on my back, look up and wait. I didn't know what to expect other than for sure I was going to be in the water and I would be wet! I do love surprises!!

Now I will describe to you what happened on that warm, beautiful early morning.

Spirit of St. Paul’s Bay

Sun now rises from its rest
As I drift through winding street
Village lay in quiet slumber
No soul around for mornings greet

Silently the shadows gather
As the sunlight finds its way
To filter out the darkness
Now begins a fresh new day

I must be there at dawn, they say
To see what I could see
Before the village wakens
What quiet bliss awaits for me

Experience this day anew
In a way many do not see
Arrive to rocks at St. Paul’s gate
As dawn breaks across the sea

I slip into the clear cool deep
My feet enter waters still
The calmness there infuses me
Sun warms the morning's chill

Slowly, calmly I whirl my way
To this place beyond the cliffs
Liquid mercury, a silent mirror
Reflections in these waters still

I have arrived now to this place
The sun has risen, all aglow
Waiting for the miracle
And do now what I am told

I lay my head back, close my eyes
Water’s edge is at my cheek
I hear myself inhale, exhale
Keeps time with my rhythmic beat

The sunlight but a whisper
In this early morning air
My soul is laid to rest here
Wide open, pure and bare

Eyes lifted to a glow now
High above me in the sky
Wispy feather softness
Turquoise, quiet beauty lie

And then it happened, out they came
Not a soul around but me
At first there were a few, and now
Endless fluttering wings I see

Swirling, twirling round and round
Dancing high up in the sky
They circle far above me
Calmness fills me as I sigh

Now I have learned your secret
To begin this life anew
One must open up your heart
To see all life has offered you

Drift calmly in your thoughts
Breathe deeply, you will see
Appreciate each moment
That’s been given you to be

And to this sacred secret place
I shall always keep you near
Remembering your spirit
You shared with me, oh so dear
Now I am far and many miles
Away from your rocky shores
Across this sea that enveloped me
Dreaming days to come of more

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