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Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Place Where We Live ~ "Lady of the Lake" and Island Dreamer" - Poem

"Lady of the Lake"
24" x 36"

There’s a story gone round and round
Of a girl who lost her way
Tales drift on like ripples in a pond
Is it true? It’s hard to say

Like some sad romantic love song
Of how she came to be
A legend here on Rainy Lake
She's a wonder for all to see

Casting glances to shores afar
As she lays upon her stone
Boaters slow to see her close
A wonder to behold

All I know is she’s here today
And will be for a while
I’ll take my children’s children there
For I know she’ll bring a smile

If she could tell her story
Of how she came to be
I think she’d smile and simply say
I’m here for all to see

"Island Dreamer"
36" x36"

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