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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lydia ~ New Friends ~ Chios, Greece

Today was our first full day on the Greek island of Chios. We walked en masse from our hotel to the old town. After exploring together we separated until lunch to find something to sketch. 

Chios Stairs

I was floating through the narrow streets enjoying the light, sights and sounds that surrounded me. I found the perfect location. A quiet area protected with a little shade and a small step to sit on while I sketched a ruin staircase that was a wonder to behold.

After working for about 30 minutes, an old Greek woman came out of her home next door and visited a lady across the street. We smiled acknowledging each other. I liked her immediately. Her sparkling eyes and smile could light up the world. I found out her name was Lydia.


Her friend Stella came out to see what I was sketching then she offered me a cold drink. Yes! Lydia then left for a few minutes returning with a pastry box filled with chocolate dipped cookies and insisted I take a couple. They were so very kind.

Me with my new friend Lydia

Lydia is 93 years young. Wonderful! We really was magical.

They left me to my drawing and then both returned a bit later. It was time for me to meet the group so I began to pack up. We hugged and I left.

When I returned to the hotel, I printed out her pictures and wrote a card to Lydia in English and had my guide translate it in Greek for me. I then walked back to give it to her. It was 8:30 and dark by the time I got there and was wondering if she would still be awake. I turned up the narrow street and found Lydia, Stella and her husband and another friend sitting outside visiting in the warm night air. I walked over to Lydia and gave her the card.

She didn’t recognize me at first then her eyes flew open wide and she gave me a big hug. When she opened the card and saw the pictures, she had tears in her eyes. She told me she would put them in her album and was so happy.

They invited me to join them for a visit so we sat outside for an hour laughing and smiling, really enjoying getting to know each other. I am hoping to have time for another visit before our group leaves for Athens. 

read here to see what happened on our next visit...

We hugged and kissed like grandmother and granddaughter. 

I feel as though I have returned home here to Greece yet again….


  1. Lydia is beautiful and I love the pic of you two together. :-)

    1. She really is a special lady. I went to see her again today and was treated to refreshments and more. I will post about my latest adventure soon!! Thanks Krista!

  2. What great adventures!! And great visits with friends old and new! The Chios stairs scene is one of the top five for a painting. A gem of an alluring sight.


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