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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time Passages ~ Poem

I know I only posted yesterday but now that I have fairly reliable wifi here in Prague (and a few rain drops outside) I thought I'd try to catch up with stories, poems and paintings. The following poem I wrote on the Greek island of Chios when I was travelling with the artist group. 

Time Passages

Close your eyes, what do you see?
Potted plants and olive trees
Winding ancient narrow streets 
leading where we do not know
Women in black move slowly, slowly

Time stands still yet pushes on

Early morning Chania, Crete

Open your mind, what can we learn?
To understand all that was and could be
War torn walls of stone still stand
Stairs connect and lead us onward
Buried truths of long ago

Treasures now beyond the glass

Pottery artifacts from the Greek island of Koufonisi

Open your heart and feel this place
The light so pure, serene surrounds us
Ancient lands locked in the past
Line distant misty blue horizon
No victories could e'er be won

When battled with body and not the mind

Distant shores of Turkey

Open your spirit then you will know
These ancient doors and windows are pathways
To move beyond, to learn and grow
Let not past troubles bind you there 
Live in measure of this moment only

~ The choice is only up to you ~

Ruins at Itonos, Crete

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