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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heli Painting in the Bugaboos

Have you ever been somewhere or seen something and later wondered was it real? Did I actually see and experience this or am I just dreaming?

That is exactly how I feel after returning from my helicopter painting adventure in the Bugaboo Mountains in British Columbia.  Each day we were dropped off on different mountaintops to create works of art and to be inspired.

Here I am painting on top of the world!

What an incredible experience this has been. Not only was the setting perfect but we had the good privilege of having three extremely talented artists guide us in our work. Robert Genn, his daughter Sara Genn and Liz Wiltzen offered their expertise. Thank you!

Robert Genn painting demo

Robert is a modern day master and to watch him paint was truly a gift. His approach is strong and purposeful and his brushstrokes poetic.

When I close my eyes now I see mountains, glaciers and turquoise lakes but more vivid still in my memory is the feeling I had when there. Total and complete inner peace. A peace so pure and lasting I know it will be with me always.

This feeling is what I want to convey in my work as I paint my way along.....


  1. What an incredibly inspiring experience!! I didn't even know opportunities like this existed! Such beauty. :-)

    1. It really was wonderful! I was amazed by the scenery...such an extreme landscape to paint and explore!


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