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Friday, June 8, 2012

Tuscan Friends

I have now returned home from my great and wonderful adventure. It seems hard to believe that I was just in Greece and Italy for 5 weeks. I do miss it already and look forward to future travels. I will continue sharing these random stories so that you too can experience what I saw and felt as I made my way along.

With this sketch I wanted to capture a little of the daily life in Montalcino, Italy. This small Tuscan town was filled with beautiful old buildings and interesting people. I do love the challenge of including figures in my work and look forward to doing a larger painting of this old man and his town.

Spirit of Montalcino 

I met Silvana Biasutti when out exploring the Tuscan countryside. (This was early in my travels when with the two couples from England I mentioned in an earlier post.) She saw me taking pictures in her small village and we started talking. I said how beautiful her town was and through conversation discovered we were both artists. She invited me into her home so I could see some of her work. Her drawings were amazing and she also showed me a book an artist friend of hers had written. Wonderful!  She gave me contact information should I decide to return there one day. She and her daughter would find an apartment for me to stay in and Silvana would tell me about special places in the area to paint. 

Sylvana Biasutti

I do love these random encounters with like minded people. It was especially memorable because we knew our meeting was because of our art. It really does open the door for some great conversation and learning.

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