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Monday, June 4, 2012

It's All About The People

I arrived last night in Rome and will enjoy this, the final day of my painting adventure. It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks have passed and yet when I think about all of the things I have seen, painted and experienced, it feels like a lifetime.

Every year this painting exodus becomes a richer and fuller experience and I know it is because of the people I have met on my journey.

During my first dinner in Florence I met Elinor from England.  She was sitting at the table next to mine as I was enjoying my first caprese salad. We started talking and before long we were sitting at the same table sharing stories about our lives and travels. She is living in Florence studying opera for a couple of months. What a great opportunity for her! She and her girlfriend have recently returned from a tour in Cambodia and the surrounding area which she told me about.  I always meet the most interesting people in my travels.

Then I met a young couple from Brazil. I can’t remember their names but I do remember commenting on hers. I told her it reminded me of a flower. It was a really pretty name and sounded musical when spoken. They were very nice and excited about life. It’s wonderful to see!! We met when standing in line at the Acadamia Gallery where Michelangelo’s statue of David is. (Magnificent doesn’t begin to describe!) They had just arrived that day and were enjoying their time in this magical city too. We shared many stories about our lives and our country.

Michelangelo's David 

The next day I headed to the small walled ancient village of Lucca. It was very nice and quaint. While on the train there I met a family and we talked about travel and life.  They explained to me the best way to explore Lucca was to rent a bike and tour around the top of the wall and then throughout the village streets, which I did and it made my visit there all the more memorable. Thank you!!

When sitting in the main piazza in this small village I met 2 ladies from England. We really enjoyed getting to know one another.  I had been sketching a lamp post and through our talking discovered one of them used to paint. She said she really did enjoy it but hadn’t touched a brush in years. Before I left them she was convinced to give it another try. I said don’t be concerned with the outcome because it really is all about the process and the enjoyment you get out of creating art. It’s nice to think I have inspired her to try again.

Lucca Lamppost

I will continue posting stories about the many wonderful people I met when on my travels and also include many of the almost 50 sketches and paintings. I also took almost 5000 photographs and will continue to post some of those as well. 

Thank you so much for following along on my Artistic Journey!


  1. Connie you amaze me. Period. What an adventure!!! I must admit, I do not think I could embark on such a trip by myself. Glad it was such a great trip for you!!!

  2. Thanks Janice! It really was an amazing trip...I know you could do it too!!


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