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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simi, The Island of Light part 1

I spent one day on the Greek Island of Simi exploring the narrow streets looking for interesting things to paint. As the ferry approached the harbour I could see some old ruins at the top of the hill that looked interesting so that became my mission. It didn't look that high or far away and of course I had to keep asking locals the directions. All they kept saying was "up" pointing to the sky. Makes me smile even now as I remember this day!  

"Blue Pots"
I saw these blue pots as I headed up the hill.

Along the way I saw some beautiful stone homes that were brightly coloured as well as some old ruin walls that were interesting. I could have spent a week exploring these narrow streets but must say after a few sketches and 400 photos later I feel I got a pretty good feeling about the place! I will be painting images of Simi for years to come.

Colourful Simi Home ~ sketch
6" X 9"

Stairs on Simi - Oil on Linen
15.5" X 12"
I painted this oil later when in Lindos village from the sketch below. The light was so pure making the whitewashed walls and peeling blue paint electric. When I saw this staircase I knew I would have to paint it and look forward to creating a larger one in my studio soon.

Stairs on Simi - w/c sketch
11" X 7.5"

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