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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simi,The Island of Light part 2

I met many wonderful people from England here too on the island of Simi. One couple I talked to, Su and her hubby Marcus,are now retired and working at their blogs as they post their travels and daily life activities. Nice!  Another couple, Rene and Gordon told me they came here years ago and fell in love with Simi and have been coming back ever since. Hmmmm sounds pretty good to me!! Come to think of it, I did see some "For Sale" signs on some fixer upper properties!!

"Simi Ruins" sketch 

I think all they need is just a "little" elbow grease!!

That was the story of another Canadian couple too who have purchased some property and now make Simi their permanent home. I met them and their guests who are also from Canada. Turns out Catherine is a potter (wonderful raku!!) and lives near to where my daughter lives in Southern Ontario. Small world! I can certainly see why people love it here. Everyone I talked to, Greeks or landed residents spoke only of their love of this place and the peaceful quality of life. 

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