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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sienna surprise!

Well what can I say....I'm just a little behind with my updates!! 

The following entry was started when I was still in Sienna. Before leaving Canada I found out good friends of mine would also be in Sienna painting at the same time. I couldn't resist a big surprise rendezvous!

Yesterday was the big day for the Karlyn painting group reunion and must admit it all started rather strangely. I was to meet them at the church where the bus lets people off. For this surprise I had it in my mind to be all set up sketching away and have Karlyn and the group just happen to see me when casually walking by. I was all set up painting and sketching away when I saw them drive by! So I packed up quickly and took off after their bus. It must have been quite the sight!!! I was afraid if they didn't come by me sitting here there may be a very good chance that we wouldn't hook up at all so I thought it best to chase them down.

I really didn't want to just walk up to her/them so I stalked them through the narrow streets. I actually took a picture of the group from behind.  Just call me paparazzi!!

When I saw they were actually making their way to the church I tried to take a short cut through the spaghetti streets...didn't work. UGH!! So now they were lost..or was it I was lost?? :) The streets were narrow and winding; this happens to me whenever I get into any of the ancient towns!   Now what to do??

I figured if I kept roaming around the main piazza I would see them and sure enough I found my friend Karlyn there about 30 mins later having a coffee with a couple of others. So I carefully placed myself in the center of the piazza area in her direct line of sight and started sketching. Still nothing...geezz, she is supposed to be observant! ( turns out later that she said she actually looked at my sketch when she was walking by but didn't look at me! :)

Sketch I was working on when Karlyn walked by

When I looked up they were gone from the table so I was again on the hunt. I found her making her way around the circular piazza so I then kept putting myself just a few feet in front of her all the while sketching away. After about another 1/2 hour of this I finally walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder and said I guess there's just no use in trying for a surprise! :) 

She was surprised of course and it was great to see her and the others there too. We had lunch together and had some laughs. I was able to get a real surprise out of Bonnie too. She was gobsmacked as the English say.... :) I wish I had a picture of her with her jaw dropped open! 

Really a fun day and made all the headaches and hassles of trying to get this to work out all worth while! I'm just so glad it all turned out! 

I check out of my hotel here in Rhodes town on Monday and I still haven't decided where it is I will be going to! I usually don't leave it quite this late so today I will be in search mode. I am taking a tour to Lindos, a smaller village 50 kms away in search of a new place for inspiration. I've had many tell me that I will love it there for painting and writing and not to leave the island until I have seen this special place so that is my mission today!

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  1. HI ! I am enjoying following your sketching and writing tour. Am happy you found your friends even if it took them forever to find you!


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