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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Painter's Dream ~ poem

I started this poem while on the train from Florence to Sienna and finished it here on Anthony Quinn's Beach. I've also included some sketches I've done since my arrival. These are only a few of the more than 30! It feels great to wake with a brush in hand everyday!

A Painter's Dream

Row by row the vineyards grow
With light so pure and clear and bright
Cyprus trees so tall, serene
With rolling hills and pastures green

Ancient walls ‘round homes of stone
Time stands still, a wonder, behold
This train sways its rhythmic dance
Echo poppies red along these tracks

I’ve travelled wide and far from home
To live a life of painters dreams
To see these sights pass by mine eyes
My heart is lifted to the skies

Like paintings from another time
Inside of this magic space of mind
However will I leave this place
Where time stands still, is full of grace

The sun now rises from its rest
Birds wake and sing their song
Another hill or cove to seek
As I paint my way along...

Rhodes Ruin

Rhodes Pillar- Old Town

Old Town Rhodes

Light Dance - From My Balcony, Lindos

Olive Grove - Rhodes


  1. Love your poem and love your sketches! Very professional! I can tell what a blast you are having. Good for you!!!

    1. Thanks Karen! It really has been an amazing time here in Italy and Greece!!

  2. Hi Connie - I heard your radio interview on my way to the gym this morning. Sure sounds like your trip is all you had envisioned and hoped for. Love your poem and the sketches. Enjoy the rest of your journey.
    Take care, Flo

  3. Thanks Flo!! I really am having an amazing journey. I have met so many wonderful people and have been getting lots of painting and writing done too. I am so grateful that I am able to be here. Glad you are following along on this wonderful ride with me!


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