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Friday, September 17, 2010

Roaming Roma


I am now sitting on the Spanish Steps. People huffing and puffing their way by, a minute ago I was one of them.....

Today I have decided to simply wander my way around this ancient city to see things as they come to me. To roam Rome is my goal! Until now I have kept myself moving with purpose – from point A to point B but I feel I missing the spirit which is Roma. So today I will discover her as I go. Not sure how I will even find my hotel after all of this, but I know I’m not really lost after all. Now time to get moving and let the light tell me the way to turn. The shadows down these narrow streets are truly spectacular.


I’ve now planted myself in front of the Pantheon with a white marble pillar cool against my back. Not sure if this is such a good idea now that I think about it....I’m wearing a white skirt! Oh well....a little dirt from Italy is a great souvenir!

Inside the Pantheon there is a great dome and a large circular opening at its center. The sun beams down through this opening casting a glowing light that doesn’t quite feel of this world. The beautiful marble patterns surround me as I feel encompassed by this wonderful light. All that I see and feel will be hopefully transformed into paintings when I return to my studio. Patterns of light and life filled with a spirit from centuries gone by.


I actually found my way around the entire centre of Rome from Vatican City, The Spanish Steps, and all the way over to the Coliseum passing through many piazzas filled with shops, people and life. I’m exhausted yet energized at the same time. I feel so very blessed to have had this day to explore Rome in this way. And yes, I did manage my way back to my hotel with no problems! Figures it should take me four days to get my internal GPS to work!!

Now to go foraging for food...again!! I think it feels like a Caprese Salad night after all the gelato, pasta and pizza I have consumed!! It really is delicious! Fresh tomatoes still warm from the vine with the most incredible soft mozzarella lightly seasoned and drizzled with olive oil. Of course this will be served with some fresh homemade bread hot out of the oven with a glass or two of wine. much for thinking a “light” dinner!

The light now is fading and the sun sets on another day here in this beautiful country of Italy. Soon I make my way across the Adriatic to Croatia for yet another adventure. Time is flying by and I know it won't be long when I return home to the other side of this world.....but not today!


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