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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Gelato, Hello My New Friend!

I’m enjoying the view from a quiet terrace at my hotel surrounded by my paints and paper. There is a cruise ship in the harbour blocking my view of Naples but can still see the top of Mount Vesuveus. The day is cool here in Sorrento (well, not by Canadian standards) so I have the whole place to myself. I guess everyone is out shopping or more likely eating. That, it seems, is the main activity here in Italy! I had my first Italian gelato last week and now do understand what the fuss is all about!! There had to be more than 40 flavours to choose from. I felt like a little kid with my nose pressed up against the glass for what seemed much longer than necessary by the look of the "keeper of the gelato". After much deliberation I decided to try the pistachio, and I must say mmm mmm good, just like the saying goes!

This is my last night here before making my way to Florence and Rome. I did visit the Isle of Capri and managed to see the Blue Grotto and the beautiful rock formations along the coast. I have included a couple of sketches I’m working on today from that trip.

I also went for a drive along the Amilfi coast. Now if you’re thinking I actually drove myself, the answer is NO!! The people are much safer without me behind the wheel. I have always thought of myself as a good driver, but not in Italy. Here the stop signs don’t really mean much of anything and the speed limit signs are purely decoration. The road to Revello was also only wide enough in areas for one vehicle even though it is designed for 2 way traffic. Imagine driving along and having cars and motorcycles passing whenever and wherever they felt the need, including on hairpin turns. Some also surprising me by passing along the curb from the right. Yikes!! Organized confusion is what I call it because for the locals it seems to work. Tourists, however, should just say no. Besides, how could I drive, take pictures and sketch all at the same time?!!

Now to think of which flavour of gelato to try tonight! Hmmm......I may have to splurge on a new pair of pants before my return!!


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  1. Auntie!! It sounds like you're having an amazing trip! I'm so glad you went to Capri, it's such a beautiful island. And you're in Rome next!

    I hope you enjoy your trip to the fullest and I'm sure we can compare Gelato stores once you get back.

    Happy Birthday in eight days. I'm going on a canoe trip that weekend; which will be a lot of fun. (Not as fun as italy probably)

    Anyways enjoy the rest of your trip, looking at your sketches only makes me want to go back.

    Have fun Auntie!



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