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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now That's Old! ~ Italy

As I make my way around Italy I can’t help but marvel at the amazing architecture of these beautiful old buildings. As far as my eyes can see these structures were built when they thought the world was still flat!

The artistry and vision by their creators astounds me now as I imagine them being built without any modern equipment. I see various styles of design depending upon the country in power of the day. Venetian so far is my favourite period with its beautiful curves and carvings.

My camera is constantly recording these works of art and all I can think of is paying homage with my brush when I return to my studio so that others may see and appreciate.

My mind wanders back across the sea to good old Fort Frances as I consider the fate of our Rainy Lake Hotel. I painted a picture of this building years ago and got to know her spirit then and how beautiful she could be. Next time you pass by I ask you to take a minute and look beyond the disrepair and see the artfully curved designs across the top. It really is beautiful....and old. Well still a baby in comparison to the structures I see here, but for us the "R.L." is our ancient landmark. I do hope for a miracle to restore her to a building filled with grace and dignity. We at least are, I believe, obligated to try before we tear down yet another part of our history.

There...I`ll step down off my soapbox and back to reality....or am I really dreaming as I look out over the bay of Naples with villages and trees clinging to cliffs that drop hundreds of feet into the beautiful Tyrrenian Sea? I`m sketching this now and have included the image here so you can see from the other side of this amazing world of ours.


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