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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rhythm of Time Poem ~ Croatia

I am now on the island of Korcula in Croatia. Not many people live here throughout the year;  their main industry is tourism. Cruise ships stop in the harbour about 10km away from my hotel, but it's still pretty quiet and traditional here in the smaller village where I "live".

In the early morning, I make my way to my favourite spot to watch the sun rise. Fisherman not far from shore pulling in their nets create images before me out of a book. Beautiful. Mountains across the bay every colour of the rainbow throughout the day and then there is the water. So crystal clear ~ a kaleidoscope of everchanging colours from aqua to emerald to a deep rich blue. A painter's paradise. I have included a poem about this very special place. Enjoy ~
Rhythm of Time
I found my quiet place
here in this foreign land
A tranquil cove made of stone
faces out across the electric blue
On the far shore mountains rise
high above watching over me
Full moon rising now
Filled with peace and knowledge of the
Fishermen come and go as they
ready nets for another day
A rhythm of life been done now
for one thousand hundred years
At the waters edge
in this secret place
I can think, am grateful, just be.
This stone still warm beneath me
from the afternoon sun
filled with fossils, embedded and
worn from Nature's Grace
History still in the making
We are also a part of her rhythm
like the ebb and flow of the tide
Our lives being molded from our
experiences here on this earth
I look down now and see my mother's hands
as my pen moves across this page and
realize that time from before and the days yet to come
really are one and the same
Connected in ways we are not yet able to understand
Be it the moon the stars or sun that directs your path
Where East meets West
may we find a way to
move forward together
a voice unified
On this adventure we call life.

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