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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Paint In" Memories

Last week I spent some valuable time with a very special group of artist friends. Karlyn Holman and Mary Rice, our gracious hosts, invite us to this "paint in" getaway each year to the remote northern area of Washburn, Wisconsin.

The paint in of 2014 was extra special as it marked 30 years since its inception. What a gift it is to be a part of this magical week!  Thank you!

The paintings posted here are ones I began last week. I still have some work to do on each of them and will post the completed images soon.

Astronomical Clock ~ Prague
22" x 30"

During this time we all work on our own paintings and at the end of each day we have a group critique which is when the learning really begins. Listening to others describe their work and how they resolve their painting problems really helps us to think outside of our way of painting and learn new ideas.

St. Mark's Square ~ Venice
watercolour in progress
22" x 30"

Others also comment and since we all work in very different ways and in various mediums, we hear many interesting viewpoints which is a very valuable way to learn. I highly suggest you get a group together in your area and begin your own special learning and fun time!

Bugaboo Mountains
watercolour in progress
22" x 30"

Of course it wasn't all about working hard. When we were painting we were also talking about art and about life. This sharing brings us closer and forms a very special bond. We have become a painting family. Wonderful!
Duomo Reflections ~ Florence
watercolour in progress
30" x 22"

This was also the year we said goodbye to a very special and talented artist, Joyce Gow. Joyce has been a long time friend and part of the paint in for many many years. She loved to share her knowledge with others and she really knew the importance of living life with a smile, inside and out. Her laughter and wisdom will be missed and she will be remembered as not only a great artist, but also a great friend. I talked with Joyce a couple of days before she died. She was laughing and talking about how wonderful life is.

What a gift she was and now memories of her and her beautiful paintings will continue to shine on....


  1. Connie, I think you win the prize for getting the most done plus they are so good!!! Loved my time with al of my art buddies.

    1. Thank you Karen! I too loved my time with my artsy buddies!


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