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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Antelope Canyon Adventure

As I said in my earlier posts, I had no idea what to expect from this part of Arizona. I only knew about the Antelope Canyon where I could walk through sandstone crevices. I was really looking forward to seeing this but I had no idea this area could also be seen from the water. Here are a few pictures showing this unique view.

Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell

Around every turn there was such beauty. This man made lake was such a surprise to discover and then to see such amazing sights...what a bonus!!!

The red rock is actually created by the rusting iron in the sandstone. The white area of the rock shows the high water mark. Kind of like a bathtub ring! 

Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell

As you can see the rock formations are so interesting and the colours very beautiful. I look forward to returning there again to explore more and to try to capture it in paint.

The next day I went to the inland portion of the Antelope Canyon and this is what I saw.

Antelope Canyon

I was transported back in time and felt at one with the earth. What a magical place this is to discover. I am so excited to try to capture this in paint. My hope is that I can do it justice and convey the majestic nuances I felt.
My next post will be about my continuing adventure further along Lake Powell as I head toward the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Wow, isn't it amazing
    to see the diverse parts
    of our beautiful country?
    When I think of Arizona,
    I don't think of lakes, like
    we have here in Minnesota.
    You captured them so well!

    Suzanne {fellow Happifier}

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Yes this area of the world is filled with many amazing sights and I do hope to explore them all!!

  2. New subscriber via Happify.

    There is so much amazing scenery in the 4-corners area. Can you believe I spent 27 years in Utah and not one trip to Lake Powell? Oh well, that's another item for my bucket list. :O)

    1. I agree LuAnn! It really is such an amazing area! I know I will return to explore more in the not too distant future! Glad it is now on your bucket list. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Connie. I love Arizona. I will definitely have to visit Antelope Canyon with my family.

  4. Thanks Anne. I love this magical area! :)


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