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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Celebration Tour

I have been lucky to escape some of our long cold snowy winter and have made my way to the sunny south. I met some friends and experienced the Grand Canyon for the first time. We were up early for the sunrise which was wonderful. It's hard to believe how truly beautiful this magnificent part of the world is!

The next morning we were to have a helicopter tour over the canyon but had to postpone due to weather. There was a blizzard!! I guess the snow followed us here!!

Thankfully we were able to go the next morning. Now that is the best way to see this amazing sight!

We then went on to Las Vegas where we saw Shania Twain in concert. It was a great show and wonderful to be able to share this time with such good friends.

This trip was actually a celebration tour in honour of my making it through chemotherapy. Mid way through my treatment I was talking with my friends and said how I would love to see the Grand Canyon. When we discovered none of us had been there we figured it was meant to be.

I am so excited to be back into this game of life!! I have learned a lot and quite honestly would never have fully understood what it meant to live in the moment if not for cancer and for that I will be forever grateful.

My friends have left back to the snowy north and I have decided to stay and explore more of the area. I rented a car and headed to Lake Powell near Page Arizona. I was looking forward to exploring the Antelope Canyon but I had no idea what I would see on my way there. Wow was I in for a surprise!

My next post will be about this part of my great cancer free victory adventure!


  1. What an incredible trip with such good friends! I am truly blessed to have you in my life! A trip that I will never forget. Loved the helicopter ride the very best!!!!

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful trip!! I am so very happy to have shared this great adventure with such amazing friends!! Thanks for being such a tremendous support for me throughout my cancer adventure Karen!! This was the perfect way to celebrate cancer free!! I will never forget the look on your face just as we were about to fly over the canyon wall. Priceless!!!

  2. So happy for you, a trip like this was meant to be! You have documented it so perfectly, it could sell at any travel agency as the only trip worth taking! I want to be next! Enjoy every last minute of your trip! Take care! xoxo

  3. Thanks Jennifer! It was an amazing adventure for sure and look forward to returning one day to explore and paint more!


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