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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Adventure Continues

Here are a few watercolour sketches I've completed on my latest adventure. The first is actually on my hotel property but was a good subject to test my drawing skills. 

Sunlit Urn
watercolour sketch

These next two sketches were done on location at Lake Powell. The light there is elusive and was a great challenge to capture on paper. I will definitely return one day.

Castle Rock, Lake Powell
watercolour sketch

Distant Shore, Lake Powell
watercolour sketch

 This last sketch is from my visit to the Antelope Canyon. I have more to say about that amazing day and will post more photos soon. It was an experience I will never forget.

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona
watercolour sketch
I look forward to returning to my studio where these small sketches will be transformed into larger pieces. What an amazing experience this has been!!

I was so inspired this trip in more ways I could ever have imagined. It is truly a gift we've been given each day to simply "live" but unfortunately we don't always see it that way. Now that I truly understand the meaning of "living in the moment" I will not let a second pass by without being grateful and appreciate all I have been given. This is also my hope for you.

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