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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Journey To The Light ~ Poem

In Mornings Light
30 x 22

A warm clear light surrounds her
As she wanders in this quiet place

Birdsong brings a smile
As gentle breezes whisper its morning melody

Her body sways to nature’s rhythm
As she moves along her life

Not even she knows where the path may lead
Only that the light will show the way

I am now in the airport awaiting my flight back to Italy and Greece! With a 7 hour layover I have some time to share a couple of paintings I completed a few months ago. 

My plan is to explore many small hilltop villages and hopefully find myself in that perfect quiet place. Like the figure above, my hope is to allow the day to unfold so that I may be free to live in the moment, painting and writing my way as I too will follow the light.

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