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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greek Passage
15 x 11

This is an image I painted a while back and wanted to share with you my experiences from the day I discovered it. 

The sun rises now on this small island of white and stone. The days are busy here on Mykonos so I’ve decided to explore these winding streets before the village awakes. The narrow roads are a labyrinth of white marked by many interesting colourful old doors. It was here I found this classic beauty worn, weathered and loved. It has been painted now many times and I imagine it has been cared for by fathers and grandfathers from many years passed.  

The door behind me opens now and an old woman wearing black comes out into the fresh morning air. I think she was surprised to see me there so early in the day. “Kalimera” she says as I return my “Good mornings”. She has come out to wash her front steps back to white as others inside clear the morning dishes. I hear the musical clinking and laughter inside, life being well lived in this small house. 

My new friend was curious as to why I was sketching this old door. I think she was trying to say she thought it needed some fresh paint. I tried to explain that I see its beauty just the way it was and then we both smiled and knew all was understood. She nodded and went on with her work, as I did with mine.  

I smile now as I realize this old door is also now forever a part of my life as I will always remember my Greek Passage back through time.

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