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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live The Full Life

It has been said that you have to start somewhere. Whether it is painting a picture, learning something new or doing the laundry. You have to begin. The funny thing is once you start, things move along well and you wonder why it is you put things off  in the first place. It always feels great to get things done.

Procrastination is the sure way to living half a life. For some seasoned procrastinators, I think they are simply afraid of change. Afraid they will fail or perhaps learn they have wasted much of their life living in fear of the unknown. For some perhaps it is the idea of success.  The "What if" scenario. What if I do become successful, what then?

I think embracing change is the key to a happy fulfilled life. Change doesn't have to be big, I also believe it's never too late to make a change.

Recently I lost a dear friend, Bill. Over the years he shared many stories of his life and taught me many things. Bill was a businessman. A entrepreneur of work and of life. His life was varied and full of change. He really knew how to live and I am honoured to have known him.

My very dear friend and mentor, Gladys, has also been an incredible influence on me.  She taught me how to carve a path that would be the ultimate trip through this life. She challenges me with new ideas and ideals. We do learn so much from each other. Here are just a few conclusions we have come to.

Keep life simple.
Always enjoy what it is you are doing and have some fun in your day.
Always eat good food, not the junk food stuff.
A glass or two of wine is good for you. So is good chocolate.
Don't forget to smile at those you meet anywhere and everywhere. It feels great.
Always take time to sit quietly and reflect on your life.
Be grateful.
Keep moving.
Always look for the good in your day.
Look for opportunities to care for others around you. One day perhaps the favour will be returned.
Embrace change.
Laugh often

She has only 1 regret. She told me that she wished she'd taken the time to learn more. Learn more about history, culture, language, the world. We live in such a wonderful place. Understand and enjoy it!

Until 4 weeks ago she lived in her own apartment and now has picked up her roots and moved into a nursing home. I saw her today. She was smiling of course and telling me more stories of her life and travels. Amazing doesn't begin to describe. She is 103.

May you too have a "Gladys or Bill" along this path we call life. May you also be the "Gladys or Bill" for others around you. Encouraging, teaching, sharing a smile.

Now to get back into the studio - my brushes are calling!

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