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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in the real world

I have been back to reality now for a while and must admit I do miss my travelling feet. It was so nice to wake with a brush or pen in hand everyday and explore a new area of this wonderful world we live on.

Now the pen is directed to book work and filling out order forms for my store Northwoods Gallery & Gifts. This, I realize,  is a required element in my life as it allows me the opportunities of travel again in the future. I do hope one day to sell the store which will enable me to immerse myself in the arts of painting and writing, but for now I will be happy to squeeze minutes from my day to continue on with my art. Who knows what tomorrow brings, it is today I have and I will endeavor to make the best of it.

I've had many welcome me back to this side of the world and all are full of questions. I see the spark in their eyes as they ask me what it is like to see all of these magical places. Did I manage to get some good painting and writing done? What was my favorite place to visit? Would you do this again? Can I come and carry your brushes for you next trip? As I write this I am smiling wishing I could take everyone with me to show them firsthand this incredible world.

I am presently working on writing a book and my hope is through my paintings and writings others will see and experience what my eyes and heart have seen.

Lawren Harris wrote "Art is long, life is short. A picture can become for us a highway between a particular thing and a universal feeling.

My hope is that this highway be a long and interesting one for each of us to explore. I have many stories to share and will post them as time permits.

Now the studio awaits and my brushes are calling!

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