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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prague Impressions

Prague has been on my list of places to explore for a few years now. I'm so very happy I was able to see this beautiful old city in September. From the moment I stepped out onto the cobbled streets I was totally captivated by its beauty. 

Early each morning I would make my way in the dark to Charles Bridge to photograph the sunrise. The first two days were overcast and raining but my diligence paid off with the arrival of beautiful sunlight on the last morning.

Charles Bridge, First Light - Prague
30" x 22"

Narrow cobblestone streets were lined with beautiful old buildings at every turn. It was very busy in the main square but just a few blocks away I found myself in quiet narrow streets with beautiful filtered light. Perfect for sketching and writing! As always the light was what captivated me most...even on the cloudy days. The way it diffused the scene before me made me feel one with the I was wrapped in a blanket of light. 

The Guardians - Prague
22" x 30"

 I've been working on these paintings in my studio referring to memory, sketches and photos for information. Standing in the narrow streets as sculpted rooftops decorate the sky above with light pouring through golden windows was more than enough inspiration for me!! I knew instantly I would have to paint them.

There were many treasures to was hard not to have the look of a gawking tourist. 

Which I was!!

It's a city with a history that spans more than 1000 years with times of peace and conflict and has survived it all with a special grace. As I sift through the hundreds of photos I see many that will become paintings one day. A perfect way to spend the long winter ahead!


  1. Hi Connie,

    Thanks for posting the two pics/paintings with comments. I always appreciate your poignant and succinct prose! The painting of the city towers attracts me with a warm home-like appearance. Perhaps the earthy colours exude a beckoning of warmth and friendliness. The partly dappled and pastel clouds seem to linger offering a cheery backdrop for any visitor. Thanks again!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your comments! Now back to the easel I go....


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