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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dance Of Life ~ Poem

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago as I was thinking back to an earlier trip I took to Greece. As you can see I love to travel and especially to this part of the world. The light there is so pure and the colours electric ~ an inspiring combination. It is this I try to capture so that others may see and understand. When I write I seize a moment in time just as I do when creating art but by putting words to paper instead of paint. My mind and spirit are filled with this creative energy and I love to share what it is I discover.

The Dance Of Life

Here I sit beneath the olive tree
Waiting for what I do not know

I see clouds float by on the gentle breeze
Hear the song of the winged

Still waiting

The long grass flows one way then the other
Lovers walk by not seeing outside of themselves

I listen now for the right words to come
They seem to fail me

Still I ponder from within to hear

The sun now breaks through the clouds
Warmth radiates against my face

A leaf dances
Caught in the breeze
I see its joy and now all is clear

The answer is told through all of these

Live for now
Breathe deeply

Accept this moment

For I am a part of
the clouds
the flowing grass
the sweet melody
The sun and the fluttering leaf

We, each of us are from this place of same

and I smile~

"On The Threshold ~ Greece"

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