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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memories ~ Italy - Poem

Sitting in the gardens
Birds singing, warm sun upon my back
The water gently ripples as a sculler passes in silence
Church bells ring eight
As a new day is born
I am now caught in her rhythm
This timeless endless quality of life
Living in a moment that is true and perfect

Lighthouse Lookout ~ Portofino

My mind drifts back to days gone by
Of when life was as new for me
As this day that now unfolds
Marbles with colour swirls
Fresh new box of crayons
Mud pies with my sister
Exploring with my brothers
Always curious about the day

Door to the Past ~ Santa Margherita

Now back in the present 
I find myself asking questions
For which there are no answers
I believe at least none of which I am meant to fully understand
For this I am grateful for I really don’t want to know all
Only to accept and live this life I've been given
Full of hope ~ the way it was intended 

Portofino Afternoon

One day this day will be a memory
From days long passed
The thought of this makes me smile

I hope I will still be wondering
In my future life
With childlike innocence
Of this day, this gift we each have been given
May I always see the hope in a sunrise and comfort in the setting sun

Now to get out there and enjoy another day of sunshine, painting, writing and perhaps just a little more good Italian cooking!


  1. I so enjoy your poems! Glad you're having such a great trip! Keep in touch.

  2. Looks like the writing is finding it's way to life! WTG!


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